Proxima b surface
Artist's impression of Proxima b (ESO/M. Kornmesser)

January/February 2017 Issue

In this issue: Top 10 sights 2017, Proxima b, splendid winter double stars, constellation corner and more.

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Top 10 Sky Sights For 2017

The best total eclipse of the Sun for North America since 1979 highlights a superb year of stargazing. Alan Dyer

The World Next Door

Not only is Proxima b the closest planet to our solar system, but it is also similar in size to Earth and may be habitable. Astronomers are just beginning to learn about it. Ivan Semeniuk

Splendid Winter Double Stars

Bundle up to enjoy some of the season’s finest stellar systems. David A. Rodger

On the Moon: A Blue-Sky Moon

Lunar observing isn’t exclusively a nighttime activity. Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: Castor Puts His Best Foot Forward

These targets in westernmost Gemini shine in suburban scopes. Ken Hewitt-White

Cosmic Musings: A Celestial Eye Chart

How many stars can you see in the Pleiades cluster? Terence Dickinson

Capturing The Universe: Tools and Rules For Getting the Right Exposure

Watch your histogram display to get better deep-sky photos. Tony Puerzer

Exploring the Night Sky: Venus Lights the Evening Sky

The evening ‘star’ shines at its brightest for 2017, while Saturn returns and Mars persists. Alan Dyer

Editor’s Report: Manual Mayhem

Poorly written instruction booklets hobble starter scopes. Gary Seronik

Constellation Corner: Lepus

On winter evenings, the timid hare hops out from the bushes to sniff its surroundings. Ken Hewitt-White

Plus much, much more!