M31 by Shawn Nielsen
Andromeda Galaxy, M31, the nearest spiral galaxy (Shawn Nielsen)

January/February 2015 Issue

The year’s top celestial sights, poor Pluto, Grasslands Park, the light side of the Moon and more.

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Top 10 Sky Sights for 2015

A pair of lunar eclipses and a bevy of planet conjunctions highlight the coming year. Alan Dyer

Product Review: A Compact Tracker for Astro-imagers

We test iOptron’s new SkyGuider, a robust and highly portable tracking mount for DSLR astrophotographers. Terence Dickinson

Visiting a Dwarf Planet

Poor old Pluto. After 75 years of being the ninth planet of the solar system, the tiny trans-Neptunian world was summarily stripped of its planetary status in 2006. But this is the year Pluto fights back. Ken Hewitt-White

Wilderness Astronomer: Grasslands East Block

This Saskatchewan astronomy oasis should be considered its own dark sky preserve. Peter McMahon

The Light Side of the Moon

Have you ever wondered which feature on the lunar surface is the brightest? The answer might surprise you. Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: Swordplay

Less than two degrees in length, the sword of Orion features an amazing array of targets for binoculars and telescopes. Ken Hewitt-White

Visit the Rim of the Solar System

After NASA’s New Horizons mission blasted off in January 2006, scientists found themselves dealing with one unknown more than they had bargained for. Ivan Semeniuk

Constellation Corner: Auriga

Auriga was a fearless chariot driver with a thundering team of horses — a celestial Ben-Hur. Ken Hewitt-White

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