Purple Aurora by Alan Dyer
A fine aurora display of northern lights at the Churchill Northern Studies. (Alan Dyer)

The Issues of 2010

Story highlights from SkyNews 2010.

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January/February 2010

  • The Top 10 for 2010: Our annual rundown on what’s up for the year
  • Ten Years of Dark Skies at Torrance Barrens
  • Mars Season
  • More 100-Degree-Eyepiece Choices
  • Charmers in the Chariot
  • Easy Astrophotography
  • Saturn’s Monster Ring

March/April 2010

  • Red Dwarfs and Super-Earths
  • Saturn Equinox
  • Titan: Giant Alien Moon
  • Saturn Steals the Show
  • Bruce and Fathom Five Dark-Sky Preserve
  • Leo’s Tiny Trio
  • The Search for Earth-Sized Exoplanets
  • Discovery at the Rim of the Solar System

May/June 2010

  • Our 15th Anniversary
  • Will We Inherit the Galaxy?
  • Deep Sky Eye
  • Binoculars: Choosing & Using
  • The Reddest Stars of Spring
  • Explore Scientific’s 5-inch Apo Refractor
  • New Life for Canada’s Largest Observatory
  • Challenges by the Dipper

July/August 2010

  • OB Associations of the Scorpion
  • Other Worlds
  • Scoping the Sky
  • Product Review
  • Exploring the Night Sky

September/October 2010

  • Other Worlds: Small Planets Abundant in the Galaxy
  • On the Moon
  • Nightfall: An Israeli Sky
  • Northern Lights: We Are Not Alone
  • Exploring the Night Sky
  • Hubble News
  • Scoping the Sky: The Jellyfish and the Helix

November/December 2010

  • Other Worlds: NASA Ponders a Venus Surface Landing
  • On the Moon: Red Moon Delight
  • Nightfall: My Favourite Astronomy Club
  • Northern Nights: Arthur C. Clarke’s Vision
  • Canada at Night: A Nightscape Gallery of Photos by Yuichi Takasaka
  • Eclipse at Solstice
  • Andromeda Revisited