Blue Moon Rising by Shawn Berglund
Blue Moon Rising (Shawn Berglund)

The Issues of 2009

Story highlights from SkyNews 2009.

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September/October 2009

  • 7th Annual Photo of the Week Contest Winners
  • Jupiter in the Spotlight
  • TheSkyX Software
  • Planetary Portraits by Robotic Spacecraft
  • Tiny Telescopic Treasures
  • World’s Finest Observing Site for Amateur Astronomers?
  • Solar System Future: Worlds in Collision?

November/December 2009

  • Hubble Better Than Ever
  • Chasing the Eclipse of the Century
  • Meteors, Mars and the Moon
  • Orion’s StarShoot Solitaire AutoGuider
  • Sky-Watcher’s Novel Starter Scopes
  • A Galileo Moment: The Imperfect Moon
  • Triangulating Aries
  • The Origin of the Bogus Blue Moon
  • Betelgeuse: The Dragon’s-Breath Star