September/October 2020

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Fly by night

Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) doesn’t visit often. But the naked-eye wanderer stopped over in our skies in July, becoming the object of astrophotographers’ affections across Canada.

Jason Dain’s image of the Milky Way arching over Polly’s Cove took knowhow, curiosity and months of patience. It all paid off, winning him the Grand Prize in the 2020 SkyNews Photo of the Year contest. | SkyNews Canada
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SkyNews Photos of the Year

See the best of Canadian astrophotography in our 18th annual photo contest.

Mars in the Badlands
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Red Planet October

Three planets reach opposition over the course of two months, with Mars giving us its best opposition this decade.

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Telescopic view of history

The Dorner Telescope Museum encourages a tactile learning experience through lenses of the past.

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Admiring the Moon

For most of us, the Moon is the first astronomical object we noticed, and it’s a shame that it often has to endure the ire of stargazers. Here's an ode to the Earth's lunar companion.

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Cosmos from the classroom

SkyNews explores post-secondary options to pursue astronomy in Canada. Includes a list of English universities offering related programs.

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The astronomer’s bookshelf

Good books add an extra dimension to amateur astronomy. Here's our recommended literary starter pack.

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Sky-Watcher mount review

New Sky-Watcher mounts provide grab-and-go portability.