November/December 2020

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01 —

Fields of dreams

A Canadian-led team is using radio waves to uncover the hidden magnetic forces that surround galaxies.

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02 —

Frosty photography

Canadian stargazers share their cool images of the night sky.

03 —

Winter star hopping

In this Beginner Sky column, you get a tour of the winter sky by jumping from star to star.

Beginner Refractor Trio at Sunset
04 —

Scopes of the season

Alan Dyer looks at three refractors that would deliver smiles this holiday season.

Warren 2000 NGCs
05 —

Seeing NGCs

Warren Finlay writes about his journey to observe 2,000 NGC objects.

STELLINA in Hamilton
06 —

Outer space outing

SkyNews writer Sahar Fatima took the new Stellina observation station out for a spin around the cosmos.

07 —

Following the falcon

Two Canadians talk about their epic trek to see Hayabusa's re-entry in 2010.

08 —

A reunion of giant magnitude

In December, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in their closest conjunction in four centuries. Read more in Exploring the Night Sky.

09 —

Here comes the Sun

A long-running Canadian science telescope is helping two space-based solar observers, giving us new views of the Sun.