May/June 2022

Current Issue

Greenhouses lit up at night on the Saanich Peninsula on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. | SkyNews
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The green light

How do vegetable gardens grow? These days, in greenhouses with intense lighting systems that are creating light pollution.

Anthropology professor Kenneth Tankersley is examining two items in his office in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences. (University of Cincinnati) | SkyNews
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Hopewell stories

An exploration of how an ancient comet left a lasting effect in Ohio Hopewell stories.

Joshua Kutryk taking in the view after a day of ski traversing on the Wapta Icefields, which stretch across the border between British Columbia and Alberta, in 2019. | SkyNews
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Observing Earth

An interview with Canadian astronaut Joshua Kutryk about observing our planet to tackle climate change.

The Big Dipper over Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario, in 2019. | SkyNews
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New SkySafari

New look, new features — but is SkySafari 7 worth the cost? Alan Dyer reviews.

A picture of the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory during an open house in 2007. The observatory is located near Thornbury, Ontario, under Bortle 4 skies. | SkyNews
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First light

Nicole Mortillaro shares how she first saw a dark sky — and how you can, too.

NGC 4244, also known as the Silver Needle Galaxy. North is up; east is right. | SkyNews
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Late spring gems

Extend spring galaxy season by viewing spectacular targets in the more northerly constellations.

Venus, the brightest object in this picture, sat with dim Mars and bright Jupiter in a diagonal line across the dawn sky on November 14, 2015. These planets, along with Mercury and Saturn, will be lining up every morning at dawn from June 10 to 30, 2022. | SkyNews
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Beautiful sky events

Meteors, planets and a lunar eclipse writes about the best events this season.

Gary Boyle took this image of the November 8-9, 2003, lunar eclipse from Nepean, Ontario. | SkyNews
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Lunar eclipse

This month’s full ‘Flower Moon’ falls deep into the Earth’s shadow.

From top left: Atlantic puffin, prairie warbler, wood duck, barred owl. By Jason Dain. | SkyNews
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Light pollution is not for the birds

How to keep night-flying and night-nesting birds safe from lights

A group of observers with telescopes at the Alberta Star Party, September 3-4, 2021, in the Starland County Recreation Area on the Red Deer River. | SkyNews
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2022 star parties

Astronomers are planning for a summer of stars — and star parties.