March/April 2021

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Canucks take flight

As we start to think of a future that includes a station around the Moon and a trip to Mars, Canada is entering a new golden age of humans in space.

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Expanding horizons

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin spent only 108 minutes in space during his one Earth orbit, but he changed the boundaries of all humanity.

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The modern makers

Inspiring people across Canada are keeping up the amateur astronomy tradition of making their own telescopes.

NGC 2841-smol
04 —

Beyond Messier

Start your journey to lesser-known spring galaxies.

Cathy LeBlanc — who works on Mi'kmaw Moons with Dave Chapman — said her 13-year-old niece Holly is an important part of the project, opening their presentations with a reading. (Kristine Rose Photography) | Astronomy & space news | SkyNews
05 —

Mi'kmaw Moons

A duo in Nova Scotia has produced Mi'kmaw Moons, a learning and teaching project that connects Moon cycles, visual astronomy and Two-Eyed Seeing.

Orion over the Old Barn
06 —

Exploring the night sky

After a long Canadian winter, bright planets mingle with the Moon as spring gets underway.

Selfie with Orion StarSeeker and iPhone
07 —

Testing Orion's StarSeeker IV

Orion’s StarSeeker IV telescope offers accurate GoTo pointing while ticking all the boxes for a good entry-level telescope.

08 —

Circling back

One Albertan writes about passing his love of astronomy to the next generation through Solar System observing.