March/April 2020

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March/April: Hubble Repairs in 2009 (NASA)
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On the Cover: Hubble's 30-Year Transformation

From its flawed launch to its capture of iconic images, the famous space telescope has transformed how we view the universe.

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Looking Up Down Under

A Canadian astrophotographer travels to Australia to capture the Milky Way.

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Venus at Its Best

Venus rises to its highest altitude in eight years, while a trio of planets gathers at dawn.

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The Joy of Clusters

How to see globs, open clusters and other treasures of the early spring sky.

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Lucky 13, 50 Years Later

A look at the Apollo 13 mission, and how a quick call to a Canadian helped bring the crew home after a space explosion.

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Marvellous Messiers

As Messier Marathon season arrives, readers share their images of astronomical objects and explain how they captured them.