July/August 2020

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01 —

Fraught frontier

Satellite constellations are making an unspoiled night sky a rarity, and astronomers are voicing their concerns.

02 —

The loneliest scientists

October marks 20 years since people first launched to the ISS, giving us a better understanding of our bodies.

Me and Milky Way in the Backyard (v1)
03 —

Beginner binoculars

Alan Dyer examines the market’s best budget binoculars for beginners.

04 —

Rendezvous with Bennu

OSIRIS-REx could rewrite our understanding of life on Earth.

LEAD Sky Safari
05 —

Tech tuned to the cosmos

Visual astronomer Chris Vaughan shares his favourite apps to scan the night skies.

06 —

Our marvellous summer sky

Sagittarius and Scorpius, a summertime treasure trove.

shoemaker-levy 1
07 —

Long after impact

SkyNews sits down with “Canadian comet sleuth” David Levy.

Forgotten sailboat / Stranded in a summer field / Star river moves on (BV)
08 —

Exploring the Night Sky

Bright planets at opposition and the Milky Way dominate the summer night sky