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Spacebound 2022 was a three-day event held in Ottawa, Ontario from October 17-19, 2022.

Group of Canadian companies want government to create national space council

The news follows Ottawa’s Spacebound 2022 conference that brought together representatives from 50 Canadian space innovators.

A group representing 50 Canadian companies involved in space technologies and research is calling on the federal government to create a national space council.

CEO of Space Canada Brian Gallant said the council should be based on the U.S. National Space Council, which sets civil, commercial, international, and defence priorities in space. He also said the council should be a cabinet-level committee chaired by the prime minister.

“We want to see the highest levels of government and sector leaders collaborating to prioritize space like never before,” said Gallant in a statement. “The creation of a National Space Council will help establish national space policies, drive strategic investment in the Canadian space ecosystem and synchronize space activities across the government.”

Gallant’s comments were made following Space Canada’s inaugural Spacebound conference in Ottawa, Ontario. The three-day conference brought together representatives from 50 Canadian space innovators to meet political leaders, staffers, and public servants involved in the space sector.

Innovation, Science and Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne and National Defence Minister Anita Anand were featured guests, as was Canadian Space Agency president Lisa Campbell and Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen.

A statement from Space Canada describes the global space economy as an emerging sector “expected to grow to a multi-trillion-dollar-a-year industry over the next two decades.” A National Space Council is needed “to ensure Canada is positioned to lead this new global space race.”

“By leveraging space innovation, Canada can more effectively tackle global challenges from climate change to inequalities — all while creating the jobs of the future right here in Canada,” said Gallant.