Education & Outreach

The goal of the RASC’s Education & Public Outreach Committee is to help parents, teachers, students, and all Canadians learn more about astronomy. The committee is made up of RASC members and contributors from across Canada.

To reach the committee, please e-mail the Education & Public Outreach Committee Chair and provide your location so we can find the people from the Centre nearest you to help.

Whether you’re teaching astronomy or learning astronomy, we have other resources to help you:


Maybe you know a bit about astronomy but want to know more about what to teach each year, or what your child is learning about at school. Find out who is learning what here.

Lesson Plans

Time to make the class a bit more exciting. Find links to all kinds of classroom activities, lesson plans, and classroom extensions here.

Discover the Universe

Discover the Universe is your go-to resource for astronomy teaching. DU hosts workshops and webinars in French and English with up-to-date and engaging information about astronomy teaching. If you are uncomfortable teaching astronomy, check out Discover the Universe first.

Professional Development

Do you really want to dig into a specific astronomy topic? We provide a list of free and paid astronomy courses through which you can learn about many topics, including the Solar System, Astrobiology (yes, that’s life in space!) and the Theory of Relativity.

Science Fair Project Ideas

The links here will help you come up with space-themed science fair projects. Sometimes RASC members volunteer as judges at science fairs, and sometimes there are even astronomy-specific prizes. Check out your local science fairs here to find out more.

Homework Help

These resources will help you find information about our Earth, the Solar System, and the skies beyond.

The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 DVD-ROM

We also recommend this astronomy activity and resource CD-ROM available from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. It is is the most comprehensive resource and activity guide for teaching basic concepts and activities in space science to grades 6 to 12. This is an updated and greatly expanded digital edition of the celebrated print workbook. Visit ASP to learn more and to purchase the guide.