Greg Rakozy, Unsplash | SkyNews
Greg Rakozy, Unsplash.

Editor’s Note: How far can we go?

I’m confident about the changes that are coming, which will help the magazine continue to evolve and thrive.

(January/February 2023 issue of SkyNews)

Like the field of astronomy and space exploration, which continues to evolve thanks to research and technology, SkyNews is setting its sights on growth in terms of readership, advertorial sales and the topics we cover in the magazine. Which means that changes are coming — some of which are already here.

Now, before you hold your breath, wondering if those changes will be good or bad and what they will mean for you, the reader, I would argue that they are good. I’m biased, of course, because I’m the new managing editor of the magazine, having taken over from Allendria Brunjes, the former editor-in-chief. Rest assured, she has moved on to a role that is, like SkyNews was, near and dear to her heart. 

On that note, I would like to thank Allendria for the incredible work she has done with the magazine. Her passion and dedication are evident in all the issues she worked on, and her enthusiasm toward astronomy remains. Don’t expect to have heard the last of her, as she will continue her volunteer work with RASC.

As for what’s to come, I’m optimistic and very excited. 

Hailing from Montreal, Que., I’ve been working as a journalist for well over a decade. You can expect some stories to dive deeper into issues like light pollution, while also exploring other important topics — such as the World Asterism Project and the next generation of skygazers. Those stories won’t take away from the astronomy coverage you enjoy reading from your favourite writers; it will be in addition to them.

We also plan to cover more events, connect with observatories across the country and provide supplier profiles. 

But these changes do not come without growing pains. Our challenge, as we grow and evolve our content, is to continue to provide you, the reader, with interesting and exciting new stories in every issue — in a magazine that will hover (at least for now) around 40 pages. This is due to the increased price of paper and the need to connect with more advertisers (which, in turn, can help us boost the editorial page count). 

In a world where the newspaper and magazine industries are shrinking, this is what is needed. And it’s a challenge that I accept. I’m confident about the changes that are coming, which will help the magazine continue to evolve and thrive. And you, the reader, can help by letting our team know which stories you love, and which ones you are less enthusiastic about (and why).

So, just how far can we go? With your help, I believe the sky is not the limit.