Cygnus Wall by Ryan Fraser

Cygnus Wall by Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser’s Cygnus Wall image took Photo of the Week June 19, 2020.

Taken over three nights in late May and early June and edited in SHO Hubble pallet, Ryan Fraser’s Cygnus Wall image took Photo of the Week June 19, 2020.

Cygnus Wall by Ryan Fraser

“I’ve always wanted to do a full NB image of this area at a long focal length, as one of my first successful astrophoto attempts was a wide field of this area in HA,” Fraser wrote.

Fraser said he got 11.5 hours of exposure for the image using a ASI1600-PRO and GSO RC 8″ with a focal ratio of 1200mm. He used a EQ6 Pro mount in his Skyshed in his backyard south of London, Ontario. He said he processed the image in PixInsight.

The honourable mention this week went to Benjamin Law for his image of the North America Nebula, taken from Bortle 7 skies in Stouffville, Ontario over July 2019 and June 2020.

North America Nebula by Benjamin Law

“As Cygnus is rising higher and higher in the night sky, this is going to be a popular target,” he noted.

Law said his camera was a ASI294MC-Pro, and his exposures were 29 x 600s and 42 x 420s, for a total of about 10 hours.

He said he used a SkyWatcher EvoStar80 telescope and a STC Duo Narrowband Filter (R-Ha*1.2, G-0.6*Ha+0.4*Oiii, B-Oiii*1.1). He said gain was about 350.

He also noted the software he used was APT, DSS, PixInsight and Photoshop. 

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