Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques conducts his first spacewalk April 8, 2019 with NASA astronaut Anne McClain. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA)

The Canadian Space Agency wants your feedback

The Canadian Space Agency is looking for feedback on the country’s future in space exploration

The next decade or so should be an exciting time for Canada in space, if all goes to plan. 

The Canadian Space Agency has signed on to send humans to the Moon in line with NASA’s exploration plans, contributing the future Canadarm3 robotic arm to the endeavour. 

Now the agency wants to hear your feedback on how to proceed. Until January 31, 2021, the CSA is looking for feedback from businesses, space enthusiasts and just ordinary Canadians interested in the future of the country. 

“These daring missions and emerging space activities pose new challenges,” the CSA’s website states. “Canada and other countries are working to define the ‘rules of the road,‘ a shared framework that will guide the safe and sustainable use of space beyond Earth’s orbit.”

You can submit your feedback to the CSA here. The CSA has also stated webinars will also be announced at a later date.

Source: CSA