Cave Nebula (Dave Dev)

Cave Nebula by Dave Dev

Dave Dev’s Cave Nebula was a veritable treasure trove, winning him Photo of the Week on August 28, 2020.

It’s certainly full of beauteous treasures — the Cave Nebula was the subject of the Photo of the Week for the week of August 28, 2020.

Cave Nebula (Dave Dev)

Gathering the data from his backyard in Woodbridge, Ontario, around August 1, Dev collected eight hours of Ha, eight hours of S2 and 10 hours of O3 exposures, and processed the image using the SHO palette.

He said in an email he used an Esprit 120 mm APO refractor at f/7 and an ASI 1600 mono to collect the data.

Our judges said the image was “well-executed” with “lots of artistic value.”

Our honourable mention this week went to Ron Brecher for his image of the reflection nebula B175 and vdB 152.

B175 and vdB 152 (Ron Brecher)

He noted, “there is a lot of dim H-alpha in this region, so I may go back to it next year,” and his web post includes complete equipment, acquisition and processing information.

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