Seronik-July 2014 full Moon
View the Moon With Your Binoculars

Many nights, my moongazing time is limited to a few minutes, which is precisely when binoculars are the instrument of choice.

Seronik Twilight
Become a Better Observer: Sketch!

An experienced observer offers advice on how you can see more through your telescope, no matter what size it is.

Tips For Beginning (and Not-So-Beginning) Astronomers

Even the top backyard-astronomy gurus admit (or should admit) that they will never know it all. But there are some fundamental truths that deserve to be more widely known.

Earthshine by Terence Dickinson
Earthshine Delight

Otherwise known as the “old Moon in the new Moon’s arms,” Earthshine’s faint luminosity can be enjoyed with your eyes alone or with binoculars.

GS Full Moon
Moon Time

You can have an enjoyable observing session any time the Moon is in the sky, but for the absolute best telescopic images, it pays to know which lunar phase offers the greatest potential for high-resolution views

Charleston Lake red light
10 Steps to Successful Stargazing

Here’s how you can become a backyard astronomer in 10 easy (and mostly low-cost) steps.