Comet Hale-Bopp
Getting Started in Astronomy: Part 4

Once you know the basics, going deeper is fun and easy.

Seronik-2011 MKSP
Getting Started in Astronomy: Part 3

Stargazing and telescopes go hand in hand.

Binocular user
Getting Started in Astronomy: Part 2

There’s plenty to see from your backyard especially if you use binoculars.

Binocular girl
Getting Started in Astronomy: Part 1

The universe is a vast, magnificent place. And it’s yours to explore on any clear night.

Dickinson - AstroDay
What Type of Astronomy Enthusiast Are You?

From casual to serious, amateur astronomers cover the spectrum.

Seronik - Moon close-up
Finding Your Way on the Moon

Getting to know our celestial neighbour is a lot easier with a few well-chosen resources.

Seronik-July 2014 full Moon
View the Moon With Your Binoculars

Many nights, my moongazing time is limited to a few minutes, which is precisely when binoculars are the instrument of choice.

Seronik - twilight stargazer
Become a Better Observer: Sketch!

An experienced observer offers advice on how you can see more through your telescope, no matter what size it is.

Tips For Beginning (and Not-So-Beginning) Astronomers

Even the top backyard-astronomy gurus admit (or should admit) that they will never know it all. But there are some fundamental truths that deserve to be more widely known.