feature AllView-Exterior-2
Review: The Versatile AllView Mount

Sky-Watcher’s innovative new mount works for both telescopes and time-lapse astro-imaging.

David Rodger and his 10-inch Dob
GoTo Telescopes Reconsidered

How one experienced observer joined the GoTo-telescope brigade.

SkyWatcher DSC_2014RM
Choosing a Big Scope First

Sometimes it makes sense to dive into the deep end of the pool.

MallinCam VSS
Review: MallinCam VSS+ Colour Video Camera

A new window on the universe from your backyard.

KHW and telescope
Small-Scope Appreciation

You don’t need a big telescope to have big-time fun exploring the wonders of the night sky.

Binocular user
Choosing Binoculars for Stargazing

These double-barrelled optical wonders will enhance your exploration of the night sky.

Telescope Glossary

Can’t tell a Maksutov from a Newtonian? In the dark about the difference between resolution and focal ratio?  This  glossary of optical terminology will help.

Ed Report-bino sky
Binoculars: An Essential Tool for Backyard Astronomers

The capabilities of binoculars as astronomical instruments are often underrated by backyard astronomers, especially beginners.

Viewing the Milky Way
Tips for First-Telescope Buyers

By the time you’re ready to buy your second telescope, you’ll likely know what you want. But that first purchase is often a shot in the dark.

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