Comet C/2019 Y4 ATLAS by Paul Klauninger

Paul Klauninger’s image of Comet C/2019 Y4 ATLAS as its core began fragmenting in April 2020 took our Photo of the Week.

Pinwheel Galaxy by Pierre Tremblay
Pinwheel Galaxy by Pierre Tremblay

Pierre Tremblay’s image of M101 took top honours as the SkyNews Photo of the Week May 15, 2020.

M45 by Ron Brecher
M45 by Ron Brecher

There’s certainly more to the Pleiades than a name — and Ron Brecher captured it, garnering the Photo of the Week title May 9.

Milky Way panorama by Anthony Tony
Milky Way panorama by Anthony Tony

Flat prairies, a sprinkling of buildings and a dash of short trees — it’s the base for an archetypal image of the Saskatchewan night sky, and the winner of this Photo of the Week.

Polly’s Cove
Polly’s Cove by Jason Dain

Jason Dain’s peaceful picture of Polly’s Cove won Photo of the Week for April 24, 2020.

The Summer Night Sky over Our House
Little house in the country by Steven Fahey

Steven Fahey shared a photo of his “little own house in the country,” and the lovely quiet and warm feeling it conveys lifted it to the Photo of the Week.

Running Man Nebula, by Ron Brecher
Running Man Nebula by Ron Brecher

Ten years after he first shot the object, Ron Brecher set his sights again on the Running Man Nebula.

Daniel Posey shoots M81, M82 — and a comet, too

Daniel Posey’s gorgeous shot of M81, M82, the IFN and Comet ATLAS wins this Photo of the Week.

M42 by Blair MacDonald
M42 by Blair MacDonald

Blair MacDonald’s image of M42 won the title of SkyNews’ Photo of the Week March 27, 2020.

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