Andromeda’s NGC891 and Beyond

Enjoy the autumn sky’s best edge-on galaxy.

Brasch - Double Cluster
Sightseeing in Northern Perseus

Take a tour from Mirfak to the famous Double Cluster.

The Finest Cluster You Can Hardly See

Try for a cluster that even Charles Messier missed.

One of the great pleasures of amateur astronomy is scanning the Milky Way — especially in the mild months of summer. | SkyNews
Scoping Scutum, a Milky Way constellat

This small constellation lays claim to the impressive Scutum Star Cloud.

LeDrew-Spring Clusters
Star Clusters Off the Beaten Path

Enjoy observing some big open clusters in the evening sky.

Perseus char
Across the Middle of Perseus

The central portion of Perseus is loaded with celestial treasure.

Auriga chart 2
Scoping Auriga Clusters

Auriga’s striking pentagram pattern is a prominent sight in the evening sky all winter.

Hilborn-Bubble Nebula
Bubble and Squeak in Cassiopeia

Looking for a pair of strongly contrasting deep-sky objects? Consider the glittery star cluster M52 and the tiny Bubble Nebula.

The Eagle Nebula, by Terence Dickinson. | SkyNews
Exploring the Eagle Nebula

Pale but enticing, the Eagle is a telescopic treat when scrutinized from a dark observing site.