Hilborn-Bubble Nebula
Bubble and Squeak in Cassiopeia

Looking for a pair of strongly contrasting deep-sky objects? Consider the glittery star cluster M52 and the tiny Bubble Nebula.

Dickinson-Eagle Nebula-SQ
Exploring the Eagle Nebula

Pale but enticing, the Eagle is a telescopic treat when scrutinized from a dark observing site.

Spring sky
Springtime Double Stars in Boӧtes

The Herdsman boasts several rewarding pairs for small telescopes.

Seronik - Crux, Eta Carinae
Under Costa Rican Night Skies

The southern night sky is chockablock with amazing sights that never rise at Canadian latitudes.

A True Canadian Constellation?

Who could ever picture the constellation Cygnus the swan as a run-of-the-mill Canada goose? The answer is me, but wait — I can explain.

ESO telescopes.
Clear Nights in the Atacama

Who would want to come here, where nothing can survive for long without water trucked in from afar? Astronomers, that’s who.

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