Venus meets the Pleiades

Earlier this month, RASC members across Canada looked up and watched Venus as it crossed the Pleiades over the course of a few nights.

Exoplanet and star take on Cree names

An exoplanet and its home star now bear Cree names on international maps after a Canada-wide contest saw the labels rise to the top.

Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia by Yves Tremblay
Love Is in the Night Sky

Valentine’s Day. The perfect time for a candlelit dinner, a box of chocolates — or perhaps, if the skies are clear, a wee bit of stargazing.

Star map
The Sky That Nearly Stands Still

Why do some constellations linger, while others quickly exit the celestial stage?

TCrB chart
Time for T

A recurring nova in Corona Borealis might be getting ready to blow.

Aldebaran occultation from Toronto
Aldebaran Occulted!

The brightest star in Taurus winks out in daylight.

Hubble Mosaic of the Majestic Sombrero Galaxy
Scoping the Sombrero

Only 30 million light-years away, M104 is the brightest galaxy in Virgo.

Brecher-Rosette Nebula
Treasures in Monoceros

Although often overlooked, the celestial unicorn has its share of delights.

Planetary Nebula NGC 2371
Gemini’s Nebula Twins

Near Castor and Pollux is a strange double nebula.

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