Partial Solar Eclipse in Cloud (Oct 23, 2014)-r
Eclipse 2017: Enjoying the Partial Eclipse

Even if you can’t travel to the centre line, there’s still something to see.

Moon shadow
Eclipse 2017: The Celestial Shadow Show

What will cause the Sun to black out on August 21 and why doesn’t it happen everywhere?

May 27/28 aurora
Surprise Aurora Show 2017

On the night of May 27-28 observers got to see a rare display of northern lights.

Dyer-2006 Libya - Composite
Eclipse 2017: Waiting for the Big One

Put yourself in the path of the Moon’s shadow for this year’s most exciting astronomical show.

A Fast Moving Binocular Comet

Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova zips through the predawn sky this weekend.

Heading to Solar Minimum

Sunspot numbers continue to decline as 2017 begins.

Big, Bright Jupiter by Michael Pataky
A Guide to Observing Jupiter

How to identify Jupiter surface details and when the Great Red Spot will be visible.

Star map
The Sky That Nearly Stands Still

Why do some constellations linger, while others quickly exit the celestial stage?

Jesús Santos Garzás-Mars
Amazing Mars Video

The red planet at opposition as you’ve never seen it before.

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