Seronik-Moon and clouds
Exploring the Full Moon

There’s plenty to see even when the lunar disc is fully lit.

Seronik-June 30, 2015 Venus and Jupiter
Conjunction Action

Jupiter and Venus meet in the evening sky.

Seronik-Moon/Venus conjunction.
The ‘Loch Ness’ of Venus

The strange saga of the Ashen Light of Venus.

Seronik- Oct 8 lunar eclipse-SQ
Morning of the (Foggy) Red Moon

In the early hours of October 8, the lunar disc slipped through the Earth’s shadow for the second time this year.

Seronik-Moon-Jup-Venus Aug23
Morning Glory

Jupiter, Venus and an Earthlit Moon gathered in the dawn sky.

Dickinson - Venus-Jupiter
Venus and Jupiter Meet

The two brightest planets paired up in the morning twilight.

McGaffney-Moon, Mars and Spica
Moon, Mars and Spica Triangle

The March 18 conjunction of the Moon, Mars and Spica was captured by Ontario astrophotographer Brian McGaffney.

HST Saturn 2004
A Guide to Observing Saturn

Saturn is one of the showpieces of the night sky. As anyone who has viewed the ringed planet through a telescope can attest, its beauty is almost hypnotizing.

Andrew Kwon - Uranus
Prime Time for Uranus

The solar system’s seventh planet is ideally placed for viewing right now.

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