Zodiacal light over La Silla
How do I see the zodiacal light?

How to see the zodiacal light, the leftovers of our cosmic neighbourhood’s formation some 4.5 billion years ago.

Venus meets the Pleiades

Earlier this month, RASC members across Canada looked up and watched Venus as it crossed the Pleiades over the course of a few nights.

Big, Bright Jupiter by Michael Pataky
A Guide to Observing Jupiter

How to identify Jupiter surface details and when the Great Red Spot will be visible.

Jesús Santos Garzás-Mars
Amazing Mars Video

The red planet at opposition as you’ve never seen it before.

A Guide to Observing Mars

Here’s how you can see the red planet at its very best.

Batchelor-Transit of Mercury Composite
Mercury’s Day in the Sun

The speedy little planet crossed the solar disc for the first time since 2006.

February 1 morning sky
Enjoy Five-Planet Mornings

The morning sky is a planet observer’s paradise.

Seronik-Moon and clouds
Exploring the Full Moon

There’s plenty to see even when the lunar disc is fully lit.

Seronik-June 30, 2015 Venus and Jupiter
Conjunction Action

Jupiter and Venus meet in the evening sky.

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