A Fast Moving Binocular Comet

Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova zips through the predawn sky this weekend.

Comet 252P/LINEAR path
A New Binocular Comet

An unremarkable object brightened unexpectedly, but is now fading.

Peach-Comet Catalina-2015-12-08
Keeping Up With Comet Catalina

Now’s the time to enjoy the latest binocular comet.

Comet Lovejoy Fades Away

The comet put on an unexpectedly fine show for many months.

Meteor Shower No Show

The much-anticipated Camelopardalids display was a bust.

Mc-Donald-Orion Rising
The Autumn 2013 All-Star Party

An Alberta star party in New Mexico?

Damian Peach-Comet ISON-2013_11_10
Comet ISON Update

Comet ISON appears to have dissipated, along with prospects for a postperihelion sight.

Damian Peach-Comet ISON-2013_11_10
The Comet ISON Saga

From Comet of the Century to Zombie Comet to fade to black.

Lawrence 2013-11-22 - ISON
The Comet Kohoutek Fiasco

Predicting the brightness of incoming comets has always been fraught with uncertainty.

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