Moon shadow
Eclipse 2017: The Celestial Shadow Show

What will cause the Sun to black out on August 21 and why doesn’t it happen everywhere?

Dyer-2006 Libya - Composite
Eclipse 2017: Waiting for the Big One

Put yourself in the path of the Moon’s shadow for this year’s most exciting astronomical show.

Dickinson-Sept27 2015 mid-totality TD
A Super Lunar Eclipse Gallery

Here’s a sampling of images from the September 27 event.

Seronik-2015-04-04 lunar eclipse
A Morning Lunar Eclipse

For a brief time, the full Moon turned red before sunrise on April 4.

Seronik - Feb 20 Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse Preview

Get ready for Wednesday morning’s big event.

Seronik-April 15 lunar eclipse
A Partial View of a Total Lunar Eclipse

Stormy weather affords only a glimpse of the April 14-15 lunar eclipse.

Dyer - Nov 3 2013 total eclipse
Total Eclipse Voyage

With minutes and seconds to go, it was unclear whether we were going to see the eclipse.

Dominic Cantin - Nov 3 eclipse
A Sunrise Partial Eclipse

A solar spectacle starts the day for observers in eastern Canada.