This Week’s Sky: June 15 to 21

The summer solstice and planets passing by the crescent Moon are highlights of this week.

Quarter Moon near Mars
This Week’s Sky: June 8 to 14

Look for the gibbous Moon near Saturn and Jupiter early in the week, and the quarter Moon passing Mars (and Neptune) on the weekend.

June 2020: Planets at a glance

Get ready for June’s night sky with this guide to the planets in our Solar System.

Mercury at greatest eastern elongation
This Week’s Sky: June 1 to 7

Look for Mercury at greatest eastern elongation this week, and the waning Moon near Jupiter and Saturn.

Double shadow transit on Jupiter
This Week’s Sky: May 25 to 31

The highlights of this week include a double shadow transit on Jupiter, giving early risers in Canada a great show.

Young Moon, Mercury and Venus
This Week’s Sky: May 18 to 24

After the Moon’s meetings with Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn last week, the waxing crescent takes a jaunt near Mercury and Venus.

Crescent Moon meets Mars
This Week’s Sky: May 11 to 17

Get out your cameras — this is a beautiful time for planets.

Bright Moon and planets
This Week’s Sky: May 4 to 10

This week, look for the Eta Aquariids reaching their peak, and the bright, Full Milk Moon. As next week begins, there will be a meeting of the Moon and planets, while Saturn begins its apparent retrograde motion.

Venus at maximum brightness
This Week’s Sky: April 27 to May 3

It’s a busy week, with the Crescent Moon waxing to its second first Quarter Moon of April. As well, look for the Lunar X and Venus at maximum brightness.

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