SkyNews star chart, May/June (segment)
Canada’s night sky May/June 2020

While in isolation, make the most of the night sky. Here’s the SkyNews centre spread star chart for May/June 2020.

Reading SkyNews
Opening up old editions

As people around the world isolate themselves to keep COVID-19 at bay, SkyNews is looking through the archives to help keep your mind occupied.

The Lunar X (and V)
Lunar X marks the spot

If skies are clear, point your lenses to the Moon this Sunday, March 1 around 6:52 EST — the Lunar X should be visible.

bonus event art2-Comet PanSTARRS Orbit
Year of the Planets Bonus Event: A Spring Binocular Comet in the Dipper

Alan Dyer Bonus Event: Comet PanSTARRS C/2017 T2 will be visible through binoculars in late May and early June.

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