Jupiter and Io
May/June 2017 Issue

Jupiter’s giant riddle, favourite eclipses from six veteran photographers, 2017 star-party calendar, gear reviews and more.

Cassiopeia A -Spitzer Space Telescope
March/April 2017 Issue

In this issue: Why eclipses happen, star trail astrophotography, seasons of the Moon, Celestron’s Advanced VX Mount and more.

Proxima b surface
January/February 2017 Issue

In this issue: Top 10 sights 2017, Proxima b, splendid winter double stars, constellation corner and more.

Illustration courtesy LIGO/A. SIMONNET
November/December 2016 Issue

The 2016 Gear Issue: buying tips for scopes, the Meade mini-dob, Moon gear, online resources and more.

September/October 2016 Issue

Astrophotography Special: Annual contest winners, beginner’s guide to astrophotography, protecting the starry night and more.

Dyer-Milky Way
July/August 2016 Issue

Looking ahead to the 2017 total solar eclipse, summer double stars, black hole at the centre of the galaxy, Constellation Corner and more.

Mars from Mangalyaan
May/June 2016 Issue

Special Mars Issue: Life on Mars, observing guide, close encounters, star-party calendar and more!

LRO Earth and Moon
March/April 2016 Issue

In this issue: Jupiter rules the night, methane on Mars, northern lights delights, Vancouver’s dark-sky preserve and more.

January/February 2016 Issue

The top 10 events of 2016, new images from Pluto, Comet Catalina, lunar eclipse gallery, the Moon’s geologic history and more.