Galileo Moon art
Exploring Galileo’s Moon

Use your telescope to follow in the great astronomer’s footsteps.

Seronik-Angry Red Moon
Exploding Lunar Lunacy

It’s all the Moon’s fault—or is it?

Seronik-Moon and clouds
10 Fun Facts About the Moon

Here are some factoids you can use at your next Moon-observing party.

Blue Marble, Apollo 17, NASA
A Remarkable Movie

The Deep Space Climate Observatory provides a stunning new perspective.

Seronik-Blue Moon
How the Moon Became Blue

A decades old mistake became a colourful phrase.

DAR - Grasslands Bison
Keeping Time in Saskatchewan

With a few notable exceptions, daylight saving is observed all across Canada.

Seronik-Moon/Venus conjunction.
The ‘Loch Ness’ of Venus

The strange saga of the Ashen Light of Venus.

Our Place in the Universe

Where are we among the galaxies beyond the Local Group?

Refining Our Place in the Milky Way

Has our solar system’s address just changed?