Family of five multi-purpose U-shaped rovers
Lunar rover contest a giant leap for science, STEM

Girls, along with non-binary and non-gender individuals, can take part in an epic contest.

Stratospheric balloons allow experiments to soar high in the atmosphere. | SkyNews
Students are floating science to the stratosphere via balloons

Stratospheric balloon research will take flight in Timmins in August; local facility expansion will support weatherproof payload integration

Dalhousie University's LORIS spacecraft is slated to head into space later this summer or fall. | SkyNews
Dalhousie University students extend their studies to space

The first Atlantic Canadian satellite is going to orbit soon to get a to get a high-definition view of Nova Scotia’s shorelines and ocean life

The Canadian Space Agency's contribution to the Webb mission, the FGS/NIRISS arrived at NASA Goddard on July 30, 2012. | SkyNews
Canada helped discover water on a distant planet using JWST

The James Webb Space Telescope is already on the hunt for new worlds using a Canadian deep-space instrument

Anthropology professor Kenneth Tankersley is examining two items in his office in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences. | SkyNews
Ancient comet left a lasting effect in Ohio Hopewell stories

New research shows the impact left behind by an airburst 1,500 years ago

Stratospheric balloons allow experiments to soar high in the atmosphere. | SkyNews
Students to send high-flying experiments aloft this summer

A stratospheric balloon experiment challenge simulates the conditions of space

Aaron Rosenstein onboard with the payload before flight. | SkyNews
A brief microgravity flight showed us a lot about DNA

A Canadian researcher has found evidence that microgravity affects DNA replication. What does that mean for people in space?

Can you see them? A crowdsourcing project asks you look for walruses on Canadian sea ice and other regions using satellite images. | SkyNews
A new project needs “walrus detectives” to examine satellite images

A new study on walruses is asking the public to help count their numbers on satellite pictures.

McGill University doctoral student Lisa Dang studied exoplanet XO-3b and discovered seasons, incredible winds,
A Canadian researcher has discovered day-long seasons on an exoplanet

This “hot Jupiter” is a place of extremes. Exoplanet XO-3b has seasons that last a day or two, incredible winds and “cryptic heating”