Andromeda Galaxy by Raphaël Dubuc

Raphaël Dubuc’s capture of the Milky Way’s neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy, is our Photo of the Week for October 23, 2020.

Veil Nebula by Marc Ricard

Marc Ricard’s seamless four-panel mosaic of the Veil Nebula won Photo of the Week for October 16, 2021.

Mars by David Jenkins

Shooting from his backyard in Ontario, David Jenkins’ image of Mars won Photo of the Week for the week of October 9, 2020.

Seahorse Nebula by Dave Dev

For well-done stars and an epic background, Dave Dev won the Photo of the Week on October 2, 2020 for his image of the Seahorse Nebula.

NGC6888_Final_NWM-no border-crop
Crescent Nebula by Kimberly Sibbald

Capturing five hours and 30 minutes of data over three nights, Kimberly Sibbald wins Photo of the Week for September 25, 2020.

Why didn’t your beautiful photo win?

A SkyNews Photo of the Week judge writes about some of the most common issues the panel encounters when evaluating submitted images.

Perseid meteor by Doug Brown
Perseid meteor streak by Doug Brown

The Photo of the Week on September 18, 2020, was a quick flash in the sky — a Perseid meteor captured by Doug Brown.

Heart Nebula by Jeff Donaldson

Jeff Donaldson’s image of the IC 1805 stole the judges’ hearts and was named winner of the Photo of the Week contest for September 11, 2020.

Flying Bat and Squid Nebulae by Dan Kusz

Dan Kusz wins the week of September 4, 2020, for his image of a difficult target — the Flying Bat and Squid Nebulae.

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