Artist’s impression of the black hole and its Sun-like companion star. | SkyNews
Closest known black hole to Earth found in Milky Way

The discovery raises questions about the nature of binary star systems.

Spacebound 2022 | SkyNews
Group of Canadian companies want government to create national space council

The news follows Ottawa’s Spacebound 2022 conference that brought together representatives from 50 Canadian space innovators.

NASA’s InSight lander selfie on April 24, 2022. |. SkyNews
Mars InSight lander mission will end soon

The spacecraft’s power generating capacity continues to decline.

An artist’s impression of the asteroid. | SkyNews
Astronomers discover largest asteroid threat in nearly a decade

2022 AP7 is 1.5 kilometres wide and its orbit could someday be put in Earth’s path.

A reindeer at Jotunheimen National Park in Norway. A reindeer bull features prominently in Sámi sky lore. | SkyNews
Sámi: Looking for lost elements of night skies

Over the past couple centuries, much of Sámi sky lore has been lost, but what is known shows a culture that is intimately in tune with the land.

A view of Orion and the winter sky low in the south from a latitiude of 70 degrees north, near Oksfjord, Norway, in October 2018. This demonstrates the low altitude of southern constellations from far northern latitudes. (Alan Dyer) | SkyNews
Old Norse: Reading into ancient sky stories

Despite mastering the night sky, many old Norse sky culture details have been lost over time

The northern lights from a ferry sailing from Tromsø north toward Skjervøy on October 16, 2019. This is looking south with the Summer Triangle stars left of centre. (Alan Dyer) | SkyNews
World Asterisms Project: Stories in the stars

A list of asterisms from hundreds of cultures around the world is now available through The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada