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Review: iOptron’s SkyTracker Ultraportable Camera Mount

Compact and practical tracking platforms upgrade your DSLR’s astro-potential without the need for a telescope mount — or a telescope. We test the latest entry.

Damian Peach-Comet ISON-2013_11_10
The Comet ISON Saga

From Comet of the Century to Zombie Comet to fade to black.

Ling - full Moon rise
Photo of the Week Contest Winners: 2013

For our 11th annual photo contest, the SkyNews editors have selected these outstanding celestial images.

Lawrence 2013-11-22 - ISON
The Comet Kohoutek Fiasco

Predicting the brightness of incoming comets has always been fraught with uncertainty.

Telescope Glossary

Can’t tell a Maksutov from a Newtonian? In the dark about the difference between resolution and focal ratio?  This  glossary of optical terminology will help.

Viewing the Milky Way
Tips for First-Telescope Buyers

By the time you’re ready to buy your second telescope, you’ll likely know what you want. But that first purchase is often a shot in the dark.

Ed Report-bino sky
Binoculars: An Essential Tool for Backyard Astronomers

The capabilities of binoculars as astronomical instruments are often underrated by backyard astronomers, especially beginners.

ESO telescopes.
Clear nights and astronomy in the Atacama

Who would want to come here, where nothing can survive for long without water trucked in from afar? Astronomers, that’s who.

Big Dipper Over Skitchine Lodge by Tom Evans
A Starry Romp

Have you ever wondered if the stars you see tonight are the same ones you saw last night? Or last summer? Or ten summers before that?

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