The November Meteors, Chromolithograph by Étienne Léopold
This Week’s Sky: November 17 to 23

Leo’s meteors, neighbourly M31 and double Gammas

This Week’s Sky: November 10 to 16

Mercury transits the Sun, Northern Taurids and a busy Moon.

The Transit of Mercury
Roughing It in the Bush With Gassendi

This week’s transit of Mercury takes me back to May 9, 2016, my first time seeing the event.

1 Mira Trail JPG
This Week’s Sky: November 3 to 9

Taurid meteors, famous variables, and Herschel’s Garnet Star

uranus photograph
This Week’s Sky: October 28 to November 2

Uranus at opposition, Asteroid 9 Metis and two sunlike stars

100_2036 – Copy
This Week’s Sky: October 21 to 27

Highlights of the Moon’s quiet phase, and Neptune a prime telescopic sight