Exoplanet K2-18b (Artist’s Impression)
Computers could give astronomers a badly needed helping hand

Machine learning has been around for decades, but with quantum computers and cloud storage quickly maturing, it will enter likely the mainstream in astronomy soon.

How Canada is training the next lunar astronauts

This week in space news: Western University is poised to help train a Canadian going into lunar orbit.

Canadian camera to go on exoplanet hunting mission

Canadian technology will be flying on the Roman space telescope in 2025, on course to capture images of planets outside our Solar System.

A southern solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse will be passing over parts of South America on December 14.

New Moon allows Geminids to shine

The Geminids promise to give a great show this year as the prolific meteor shower peaks during a new Moon.

Arecibo’s end and Canada’s bright radio future

This biweekly column focuses on a trending news topic in Canadian astronomy. This week: as Arecibo sees last light, Canadian projects could help pick up the scientific slack.

Sky News This Week: November 18, 2020

A SpaceX spacecraft brings four astronauts into space, Europa may have less life-friendly origins for its famous water plumes, and “GoldenEye” observatory is facing more trouble.

The Canadian Space Agency wants your feedback

The Canadian Space Agency is looking for feedback on the country’s future in space exploration

Sky News This Week: November 5, 2020

In the news: Scientists spot a likely free-floating planet, the Canadian Space Agency asks for feedback on future exploration, and fresh data from a dead comet mission reveals cappuccino-like ice.

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