Near Athabasca, AB
How to make your house dark-sky friendly

Working on making a dark sky visible in your area? You can start at home.

Sky News This Week: June 2, 2020

A Canadian astronaut capcoms the first human Crew Dragon mission, South Africa affirms its commitment to a telescope project, and a graduate student makes a novel brown dwarf find.

Mars Desert Research Station
Remember your camera on your trip to Mars

“If you are at Mars Desert Research Station, you are most likely doing a Mars simulation mission, so your mind is kind of halfway to space.”

SPHERE image of the disc around AB Aurigae
Sky News This Week: May 20, 2020

In the news recently: a potential planet comes to light in a twisty haze, Martian-like mud is created for lab analysis and Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar shares some ideas for coping with isolation.

What are the Eta Aquariids?

Learn about where the meteor shower comes from, where it is located in the sky and how best to observe the annual April-May event.

Wide-field view of the region of the sky where HR 6819 is locate
Sky News This Week: May 6, 2020

Scientists find the closest black hole to Earth, and the reason for Venus’ fast-spinning atmosphere. Read the latest in space news here.

Sky News This Week: April 22, 2020

A Canadian satellite set monitors the flood-prone Red River, Hubble watches a so-called “exoplanet” disappear, and a new theory of Comet Borisov’s mysterious history unfolds.

Wheels on the rover
Sky News This Week: April 9, 2020

A Canadian robot installed a commercial space facility, NASA picked a new mission to watch solar storms, and astronomers found galactic jets propelling gas clouds at high speed.

Curiosity’s steep climb
Sky News This Week: March 25, 2020

In recent news: interstellar clouds mapped the formation of stars, Curiosity’s epic climb, and a life-friendly environment may have been found in Mercury.

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