Moon shadow
Eclipse 2017: The Celestial Shadow Show

What will cause the Sun to black out on August 21 and why doesn’t it happen everywhere?

Star map
The Sky That Nearly Stands Still

Why do some constellations linger, while others quickly exit the celestial stage?

Seronik-Crescent Moon
Grab-and-Go Astronomy

Enjoyable night-sky sessions sometimes last only a few minutes. Are you ready to swing into action?

TCrB chart
Time for T

A recurring nova in Corona Borealis might be getting ready to blow.

Brecher-Rosette Nebula
Treasures in Monoceros

Although often overlooked, the celestial unicorn has its share of delights.

Amazing Eta Cass

Here’s the story of a remarkable double star, Eta (η) Cassiopeiae.

Seronik-Angry Red Moon
Exploding Lunar Lunacy

It’s all the Moon’s fault—or is it?

DAR - Grasslands Bison
Keeping Time in Saskatchewan

With a few notable exceptions, daylight saving is observed all across Canada.

Auriga chart 2
Scoping Auriga Clusters

Auriga’s striking pentagram pattern is a prominent sight in the evening sky all winter.