NEOWISE spectroscopy by Damien Lemay

Awarded the prize for ingenuity for the week of August 21, 2020, Damien Lemay won for his images of spectra of Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE).

The best of the Helix Nebula

Ian Barredo’s composition of the Helix Nebula has won the September 2020 edition of the RASC Robotic Telescope editing contest

Rare possible marker of life discovered on Venus

Astronomers have found evidence of phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus, which may be associated with the presence of life.

Michael Watson, Comet NEOWISE
Education and evolution

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes talks about the changing world, and how the astronomy community can learn to adapt.

The best of Messier 82

The winner of the August 2020 RASC Robotic Telescope image editing contest is Ian Barredo, producing a clear and beautifully coloured composition of Messier 82.

Speaker Series: Hawaiian nights, from Vancouver Island to Maunakea

In this Speaker Series talk Friday, August 28, Cam will tell the story of how he found himself on Maunakea.

Melotte 15 by Dave Dev

A clear, crisp image of Melotte 15, taken by Dave Dev at last year’s Starfest, took the top spot in our Photo of the Week contest July 3, 2020.

Solar prominence by Jean Guimond

Jean Guimond’s image of a solar prominence was the hottest shot in the running, winning Photo of the Week.

Winter Sky Setting at Dinosaur Park Panorama
Limits of the sky

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes talks about limits — limits in the sky, in space, of our machines and bodies.

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