Melotte 15 by Dave Dev

A clear, crisp image of Melotte 15, taken by Dave Dev at last year’s Starfest, took the top spot in our Photo of the Week contest July 3, 2020.

Solar prominence by Jean Guimond

Jean Guimond’s image of a solar prominence was the hottest shot in the running, winning Photo of the Week.

Winter Sky Setting at Dinosaur Park Panorama
Limits of the sky

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes talks about limits — limits in the sky, in space, of our machines and bodies.

Noctilucent clouds by Jeanine Holowatuik

Jeanine Holowatuik’s breaktaking image of noctilucent clouds won Photo of the Week June 26, 2020.

Cygnus Wall by Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser’s Cygnus Wall image took Photo of the Week June 19, 2020.

Iris Nebula by Stuart Heggie

With a clear stars and a well-executed shot, Stuart Heggie’s Iris Nebula won Photo of the Week June 12, 2020.

Artist’s impression of the disappearing star
Sky News This Week: July 2, 2020

Scientists examine the disappearance of a distant blue variable star, Canada announces plans for a contract to build Canadarm3, and data shows the Sun’s plasma has a cycle, too.

M63 by Pierre Tremblay
M63 by Pierre Tremblay

Pierre Tremblay’s well-composed, exposed and processed image of M63 is the Photo of the Week.

Milky Way rising by Richard Wang
Milky Way rising by Richard Wang

Richard Wang’s off-kilter shot of the Milky Way rising in Mactier, Ontario won the Photo of the Week.

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