Dominic Cantin - Nov 3 eclipse
A sunrise partial eclipse to start the day in eastern Canada. (Dominic Cantin)

A Sunrise Partial Eclipse

A solar spectacle starts the day for observers in eastern Canada.

This fine view of the November 3, 2013, partial eclipse was captured by Dominic Cantin. In the foreground is the picturesque Château Frontenac, situated on the St. Lawrence River, in Quebec City, Quebec.

Dominic Cantin - Nov 3 eclipse

A shot like this doesn’t just happen — it requires planning. As Dominic says, “I got ready for this special sunrise by using the free software The Photographer’s Ephemeris so that I’d know exactly where to set up my camera to include the Château in the scene.” Dominic is an active photographer and has amassed a fine collection of astronomical images, which you can view here.

Nov 3 eclipse - Lucian Gurban

Lucian Gurban of Montreal, Quebec, photographed the morning eclipse with his Canon 60D camera (set to ISO 100 using an exposure of 1/6400) attached to a Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope.

Jean Guimond-Dec 3 eclipse

Jean Guimond used a Nikon D300 DSLR with a Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 lens at ISO 100 to record the eclipse from Cap-Rouge Marina, near Quebec City, Quebec.

Bertrand Duhamel - Nov 3 eclipse

Ignoring weather concerns, Bertrand Duhamel photographed the partially eclipsed Sun rising over Mont Orford, Quebec. “We had rain all day long on Saturday in southern Quebec, and the sky didn’t start to clear up until late in the evening,” he reports. “I decided to give it a try anyway since the forecast for Sunday morning looked good.”

He used a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV camera with a 100 – 400mm Canon zoom lens set to 400mm and f/16 for this 1/4000-second exposure at ISO 100.

As Bertrand put it so succinctly, “It was an amazing and unforgettable sight!”