Gary Seronik - Harvest Moon rising.
The colour you're most likely to see when the full Moon rises is not blue, but red. (Gary Seronik)

A Harvest Moon Shines On

The September 19 full Moon rose red and impressed casual skygazers everywhere.

Gary Seronik - Harvest Moon rising.
The September 19 Harvest Moon rises above Victoria, British Columbia, and the distant mountains of Washington State. (Gary Seronik)
Harvest Moon by Adam Moncrieff
Adam Moncrieff of Kanata, Ontario, captured this view of the Harvest Moon rising over the Ottawa River, adorned with boats from the Nepean Sailing Club. Adam used a Canon EOS 60Da camera and a 400mm lens for this 1/50 second exposure at  ISO 100.
Harvest Moon from the air
Airline  pilot Aaron Dittrich used his iPhone to snap this photo from the cockpit of a 737 en route from Calgary to Fort McMurray. “We were flying at 33,000 feet somewhere north of Edmonton,” Aaron recalls. “As we skimmed along the cloud tops in the twilight I looked out to the east to see the Harvest Moon rising, and I thought of all the farmers working tirelessly in the fields below. It was also one of the frequent occasions where I wished I would have taken my DSLR along, so that I could have captured the moment better!”
Michael Insalaco Harvest Moon #1
This painterly photograph (and the one below) was obtained by Michael Insalaco.  “This shot was taken from Point Abino, Ontario,” he says.  “I used a tripod and a Nikon Coolpix L100  in Landscape mode. The camera doesn’t have the kinds of controls that a DSLR does, but it worked out okay I guess.”
Michael Insalaco Harvest Moon #2
Michael Insalaco’s second photo was taken the following night from Waverly Beach, Fort Erie, Ontario, and shows the Buffalo, New York, skyline in the distance.
Man & Moon by Roy Bishop
This view of the Harvest Moon was captured by Roy Bishop on Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy.
Seronik - b&w Harvest Moon
Gary Seronik captured this view of the rising Harvest Moon with his Hasselblad camera (equipped with a 150mm Zeiss Sonnar lens) and black-and-white film.