2022-23 Readers’ choice

iOptron SkyGuider Pro

iOptron SkyGuider™ Pro Mount

The SkyGuider™ Pro is a must-have tool for any photographer interested in astroscape or widefield astrophotography. Leading the camera tracker market for nearly five years, iOptron’s SkyGuider™ Pro pushes closer to perfection.

The SkyGuider™ Pro mount head is small enough to fit on your palm with features as, high precision silent tracking, built-in rechargeable power source, ST-4 guiding port and camera trigger port. The precision polar scope has a finely engraved reticule, adjustable illumination with different brightness
levels to deliver an accurate polar alignment. The DEC mounting bracket allows you to balance a heavy camera or a light telescope.

The SkyGuider™ Pro features four tracking rates, 1×, 1/2× for sky and
landscape combined, solar and lunar. All four tracking rates work in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It also has a quick slew mode with both forward and reverse to help reframe your image without disrupting the cameras position.

The SkyGuider™ Pro’s removable alt-azimuth base, which features a precision bubble level, degree markings for the altitude and a built in post for the azimuth control. The SkyGuider™ Pro head can also directly mount to any standard photographic tripod.

The DEC mounting bracket, which includes bracket, counterweight shaft, counterweight and Vixen-type dovetail saddle, makes the SkyGuidrer™ Pro mount suitable for a heavier camera/lens system, even a lightweight telescope. The SkyGuider™ Pro is a must have tool for anyone interested in widefield astoimaging.