2022-23 Best landscape/widefield

Sky-Watcher Evostar 120 ED Apo doublet

Sky-Watcher Evostar 72 ED APO doublet

With a 72mm aperture, 420mm focal length and f/5.9 focal ratio, the Sky-Watcher Evostar 72 ED APO doublet refractor is the perfect blend of superior extra-low dispersion glass and affordability. 

Sky-Watcher’s Evostar apochromatic doublet refractors are the perfect blend of superior extra-low dispersion glass and affordability. The Evostar refractor lens assembly utilizes a proprietary combination of matched lenses, delivering tack-sharp stars with charcoal-black, contrast-rich skies. All ED glass elements are fluorite-based and feature our proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings™ (MHTC™), virtually eliminating all false colour while dual-baffles prevent stray light from affecting your photography. Like the optics, the tube is beautifully crafted using aluminum and finished with a black diamond metal-flake finish.

Using a doublet refractor over a triplet has some advantages: less glass means less weight, less weight means a less expensive mount, so you can dedicate more money for your camera or laptop while benefiting from a lightweight astrophotography rig.

All Evostar refractors come in a foam-lined aluminum case fully-loaded with accessories, including: tube rings, a Vixen-style dovetail and a foam-lined aluminum case.

This prize package also includes:

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