2021-22 Grand prize

CA $3,000 Celestron gift voucher

Enjoy a $3,000 CAN gift voucher from Celestron! Create your dream telescope setup with your choice of award-winning telescopes, mounts, and accessories from the world’s #1 telescope maker.

About the prize

Create the astroimaging setup you’ve always dreamed of with a CA $3,000 gift voucher from Celestron. Shop the Celestron lineup for a complete telescope, upgrade your mount, or add the perfect cameras and astroimaging accessories to take your existing setup from great to perfect. The possibilities are endless!

About Celestron

Celestron envisions a global community where everyone can explore and learn more about the Universe.

For more than 60 years, the California-based company has been the world’s most recognized telescope brand and the provider of premier consumer astronomy products. Celestron’s name has become synonymous with superior optics and innovative technology, just as its iconic “orange tube” telescopes have become ubiquitous at any public stargazing event.

Celestron telescopes have deployed aboard the International Space Station and assisted in tracking hazardous space junk from earthbound observatories. As part of our mission, Celestron is a major supporter of astronomy and STEM-related nonprofits in North America and worldwide.

Learn more about Celestron at www.celestron.com.